Read our RAVE reviews.

Hi Lisa.

We wanted to thank you, Sam and the entire Vegas team for a fabulous Bar Mitzvah. Everything was great! All the staff was wonderful. Darrell, Jackie and Francesca really rocked. The food was great and the room looked beautiful with the floor decals, gobo and awesome lighting. I can’t wait to see the video so that I can capture every detail again!

Kim Alexander
Westfield, NJ
Event Date: 1/6/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph, NJ
Evan’s Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,

We had an amazing time on Saturday, and Vegas did an incredible job! I can’t tell you how many people came up to me to say how wonderful the service was and the food! I only wish I had enough time to sample everything! (I should have had you wrap some dessert for us…we were so busy dancing & mingling that none of us got dessert—although the boys definitely went to town on the candy bar!)

The on-site manager (his name escapes me) was fabulous. Avery was stressed about Mr. Met being late, and he completely handled the situation & came up with the great solution of having Mr. Met come in through the back door to surprise Brayden. Sam was also there facilitating—my sister in law needed hot water to warm up & he immediately had someone take care of her! There was incredible attention to detail.

Darrell and the DJ were fantastic! They kept the party on high—even with the challenges of the two mascots. I saw lots of kids and adults dancing all the time! We had a high-energy hora. Loved the 80s mix and the addition of “Girl you really got me” by the Kinks at the end. Brayden was excited to dance to some camp songs! The adults were all watching Coke & Pepsi and commenting about how creative it was! Everyone was also commenting on the dance motivators—they all had great energy! Jackie is really an amazing dancer, and I loved the way Darrell tied that in to his Emcee “commentary.” Brayden also had a soft spot for Danielle who he met originally at one of the showcases. We were laughing about how all the boys lined up to dance & followed every move the dancers made! The stage is great too!

The montage came out great! We’ve been watching it several times at home & crying every time.

The photo step and repeat was also really well run & a lot of fun. People commented to me that there was never a line—the backdrop looked great & props & frames were fun! *One thing we thought about & forgot to ask at the party…is there any way to get the memory card for the photos that were taken? I’m not sure we picked up all our photos (although a bunch were collected and bagged for us), and it would be fun to see the pictures that others took.

The decor looked amazing! The room came out great, and Brayden now loves having the table toppers, decals, etc., hanging all over the house! We loved that the hors d’oeuvres servers were using the cocktail napkins!

The card table was a huge hit too! As you said, a bunch of the kids loved it! Also, any chance you have extra Brayden funny money? I tried to pick up some, but I think I left it somewhere.

The photographer was great to work with! It was so nice to walk in & see our pictures from the temple on screen! We can’t wait to see the party pictures and video. I liked that the video was unobtrusive.

Overall—we had such an awesome time! I can’t believe it’s over. You, Sam, and everyone else were really easy and great to deal with. We have been and will continue recommending Vegas to all our friends planning Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in the future! (And we really hope to be invited to one so we can experience it again!)


Alyssa Kranz
Millburn, NJ
Event Date: 12/16/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Brayden’s Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa and Melanie

Thank you for such a great event.
Everybody raved.
Smitty was phenomenal.

Lara Allen-Brett
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 12/9/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ben’s Bar Mitzvah

HI Lisa,

I can not say thank you enough to you and Sam for a wonderful event.
We had a wonderful time and everything worked out wonderfully.
Hats off to Vegas and the entire crew!!!

Thanks Again,
Ami Patel
Cornwall, NY
Event Date: 10/27/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Anjali's Sweet 16

Lisa, Melanie and Sam,

I wanted to thank you for making Jake’s night so special. EVERYONE was blown away by the venue. You made me look like a superstar. It is amazing how little we do (as your customers) and how the room is transformed as if you designed it specifically for me.

The food was amazing (so I am told). The apps were great and the cold table display was just too much. People thought that was the food, when they also saw the menu - that was the icing on the cake. So funny - the only complaint that I got from my daughter’s boyfriend (6.6 red head-I am sure you saw him Sam) and my brothers and there wives was that they disappointed that they brought out the food while they were playing Coke and Pepsi….they went into hysterics when I explained that Coke and Pepsi was for the kids... and that it was the intention for the grown ups to eat…

The music was great - Darrell was as great as I remember from Jessica’s bat mitzvah 10 years earlier. Most importantly - JAKE has an absolute blast. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Again, thank you!
Wendy Blaney
South Orange, NJ
Event Date: 10/21/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jake’s Bar Mitzvah


I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping to make our party such a success! Your team is absolutely incredible and made our event as easy and as stress-free as possible! You were a pleasure to work with and as I’ve already mentioned to you and Sam, I will continue to recommend you & Vegas! The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast…but most importantly, my kids had the best night of their lives! Darrell and the team of motivators were incredible!! They kept the kids and adults up dancing ALL NIGHT LONG...the best energy and vibe ever!

Thank you again,
Leslie & Eric Levitt
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 10/20/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Alexa & Dylan’s B’nai Mitzvah

Hi Lisa and Nicole

I wanted to thank you both for everything!
We had such an amazing time last night.
Everyone has been raving about the fantastic service delicious food and spectacular entertainment!

It was everything Sara dreamed of and more.

All the best,
Ashli Sherman
Towaco, NJ
Event Date: 10/14/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sara’s Bat Mitzvah

Lisa -

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what an amazing party we had on October 8th. The music was fantastic and Evan did a wonderful job of getting the kids up on the dance floor. The food was delicious and the kids LOVED the mocktails at the bar. We will certainly spread the word about what an amazing place Vegas NJ is.

Thanks again.

Tom Mulligan
Chester, NJ
Event Date: 10/8/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Nora’s Sweet 16


Thank you for an excellent venue.
We had an absolutely amazing time.
The staff was impeccable.

Laura Couverthier
Long Valley, NJ
Event Date: 9/30/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph, NJ
Nalani's Sweet 16


I can't even begin to tell you how great it was. Everything was seamless and so easy! I kept telling you I thought I was missing something but it's because you guys take care of everything! Sam and the entire staff were great. Everyone raved about the food. Smitty was amazing and 2 dancers were perfect. The breakdancing was an added bonus and I was so happy to see boys that usually don't dance get in the middle and do some moves! From what I saw and overheard the kids were well behaved, I really think it had to do with keeping the games open because it keeps the kids who don't dance busy. I couldn't believe how many kids played coke and Pepsi! Most don't do it anymore but it shows you that the kids still want to act like kids! The adults had the best time too, the dj knew what songs to play and really played to the party. I can't say enough good things!

Thanks again!

Stacy Weiss
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 9/23/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jake & Ava’s B’nai Mitzvah

Dear Vegas NJ Management and Event Staff,

I know a few months have passed since Asha’s Sweet 16 (6/17/17), but we would like to thank each and every one of you for doing a fantastic job at her party. Asha was extremely happy that everything turned out perfect. My husband and I were relaxed and enjoyed our guests because everyone on the team took care of every little detail for us.

From the beginning, working with Lisa, Nicole and Melanie was an absolute pleasure. They really know how to make suggestions where needed and fulfill any special requests. It made planning so simple, effortless and fun! We were so pleased with how polite and diligent your staff is. Their level of service was appreciated not only by us, but some of our guests also mentioned how attentive they were. My mom mentioned that she was looking around for a napkin when one was promptly handed to her without her even asking! My good friend was praising the party but asked if there were any behind the scene mishaps that the guests usually don’t know about, and I have to say, not a single thing went wrong! The bartender was friendly and handled the busy bar with ease. Your DJ did a fabulous job with all the introductions and song requests - everyone was on the dance floor thanks to him! I also want to mention the bouncer, the Photo Booth attendant, both were pleasant and did a great job handling the crowd. And especially the main guy that worked along Sam (whose name I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember right now) but he was incredible - he checked on me throughout the night with just a look and a “thumbs up” to make sure all was going well. He also moved things along so the party went very smoothly and timely. I also would like to thank Sam, who really knows how to manage everything and put it all together to make an incredible party! Sam, we also appreciate how your place is impeccably clean from every corner, to the ladies room, to the bar area. Lastly, the food was delicious - all the appetizers were served in a unique and fun way, while still being amazing tasting. The main course buffet was nicely presented and also very delicious and nice and hot when served. I also want to thank Sam and the chef for making the two special meals, one for Asha herself, and the other for my friend - both are very grateful for that.

Again, we are so happy we had our party at Vegas NJ - every detail was absolutely perfect. Thank you all!

On another note, our family has been praying for Lisa and her family. We send warm thoughts of strength and love.

Sheetal Patel
Dover, NJ
Event Date: 6/17/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph NJ
Asha’s Sweet 16

What a party!
Thank you so much for everything. We are still on cloud nine.

Having you guys do everything really saved a lot of nerves on my part. Thank you... thank you... thank you... thank you! I heard the food was delicious and unfortunately I didn't get to try a whole lot but I had so much fun! I did think we were going to be able to bring some home but that was my mistake. Having Sam and the team of people there was so incredible. I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. I could just enjoy everything! This is a top-notch venue! Everybody was so impressed. I will for sure be recommending you.

I'm about to go on to the bat and bar mitzvah planning websites and rave about it!

Lyn Fromme
Succassauna, NJ
Event Date: 6/24/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah

Lisa, Sam and rest of Vegas Staff,

THANK YOU!!! Our party was fabulous. The service was spot on, the food was delicious (especially the appetizers) and Emcee DD (Darrell) and Steve the DJ, Jackie, Francesca and Allison were great! Everyone had an amazing time. We couldn't ask for anything more,

Jack, Margie, Mitch and Nathaniel LInefsky
Fair Lawn, NJ
Event Date: 5/21/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Nathaniel (Tanny’s) Bar Mitzvah

Thank you so so so much!
Last night was amazing! It was absolutely perfect and I can not thank you enough for helping to put the biggest smiles on my kids faces all night! Every person at Vegas was so kind and helpful- it was a wonderful night!! THANK YOU!!!

Take care,

Lisa Irving
Watchung, NJ
Event Date: 5/20/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jordan & Tyler's B’nai Mitzvah

Hi Lisa

The party was amazing! Everything looked great and the food was delicious. Our guests had the best time. Thank you very much for all your hard work in making it a success.

Thank you!

Elisa Udaskin
Morristown, NJ
Event Date: 5/13/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Kobi’s Bar Mitzvah


I just wanted to thank you and your incredible team , that helped make Danny's Bar Mitzvah party amazing ! You helped me every step of the way. You were patient and so helpful ! The party room looked perfect! The food was delicious, and Darrell and the dancers made the party !!! Everyone had a blast , and we all had the best time !!

I am so glad we decided to have both kid's parties at Vegas !!! Please feel to have future clients call me. I will only have great things to say.

Thanks again !!!

Michele Jacobsen
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 4/22/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Danny’s Bar Mitzvah

Lisa and Melanie,

I am writing to tell you that we had the absolute best day yesterday... my daughter Janie's bat mitzvah far exceeded all of our hopes and expectations! Once again, the staff at Vegas NJ has outdone itself, and provided us with an unbelievably memorable day.

Lisa, you have been such a pleasure to deal with since day one, when I called you the day after my son's bar mitzvah to book another party! Everything was picture perfect today. The room and all of the special touches were so beautiful. Of course, every single member of the staff was outstanding - they were friendly and helpful and truly made our guests feel welcome. The food was absolutely delicious and what a treat to have it packaged up for us to take home. Sam runs a tight and amazing ship and today was no exception. Everything was so great, and he is so easy to deal with. And finally, there is Smitty – we totally love him!!!!

Thanks for everything!!!

Best regards,
Hilary Kelly (and Patrick, Alex and Janie!)
Mendham, NJ
Event Date: 4/29/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Janie’s Bat Mitzvah

Dear Sam & Lisa,

Our daughter's Bat Mitzvah was spectacular. We could not have been more pleased with the entire staff at Vegas for making this an experience of a lifetime. We wanted easy and fun, you guys nailed it. Most importantly, our daughter had the time of her life. I would tell anyone, a party at Vegas is hard to beat. All you have to do is show up and have fun.


The Torine’s
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 4/8/17
Vegas NJ - Randolplh
Hanna’s Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,

Just a note to thank you so much for all of your time and assistance with planning Brian's BM at Vegas. His party was amazing - beyond our expectations. You made planning very easy - you responded quickly and thoroughly to all of my (MANY) questions and concerns and I really appreciated it.

Vegas delivered everything promised - the room looked UNBELIEVABLE. Brian's colors of bright blue and neon green worked particularly well since you had perfect linens and lighting to match our color scheme. The party compliments we added on were all perfect - and well-worth the extra cost which was very reasonable for what was provided. The centerpiece toppers looked perfect; the set-up of the adult tables and the kids lounge furniture were perfect. The step-and-repeat looked fabulous. The photo booth frames and other accessories offered were numerous and fun! The candy bar at the end was awesome! The food was really good - especially the chocolate chip cookies which I could live on forever! Many of our guests commented how good the food was and how wonderful and friendly the staff was.

It simply was a wonderful party and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend Vegas to everyone!!

With thanks,

Lori Kahn
Millburn, NJ
Event Date: 3/24/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Brian’s Bar Mitzvah

We can not say enough about the service we received at our son's Bar Mitzvah party this past Saturday and throughout the planning process. What the staff did was nothing short of a miracle!

With our laundry list of food allergies I thought it wouldn't be possible to host such a party. But they did it. Above and beyond! We met to go over every possible appetizer, main entree and dessert and how it could be modified without compromising taste or appearance. Our guests are still RAVING about the food! They just kept eating and eating and commenting about every dish!! Thank you Sam and Chef Rudy for meeting with me and agreeing to take this challenge on and for truly delivering above and beyond what we could ever have imagined!

Thank you Lisa for the best customer service and honesty, for handling every phone call and answering every question even the very last minute ones and always following through!

Thanks to Smitty for keeping everyone laughing and the party going and everyone on their feet from the time the first guest arrived until the last one left reluctantly.

Thanks to dancers Allyson and Jenn for your energy, warmth and enthusiasm. Our photographer and videographer both were amazing and we can't wait to see the photos and footage.

Thanks to all of the staff for their attention to detail and kindness.

We highly recommend Vegas and all of Powerhouse/Pellegrino properties!!

Wendy Kadushin
Morristown, NJ
Event Date: 3/18/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Abraham’s Bar Mitzvah


We wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU to you and everyone else involved with our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday night. Where should I begin …

Lisa, I know I sent A LOT of emails. I send emails as if I was talking to you on the phone. It was a lot and it all got done! I am a very particular person and can honestly say there was no stone left unturned! Our party was perfect. The space looked amazing. Bright and beautiful. The food was amazing (I didn’t eat, but all of our guests did and they were ALL raving). I even got an email from a parent saying which choices their three kids loved the most! The wait staff – attentive, funny and just dead on! The bartenders – quick and knew their stuff! Ember – kind, thorough and just plain awesome. DJ – Steve was great. I put a lot of pressure on this poor kid and he brought it. EVERYONE was dancing all night. The dance floor was always full. MC Darrell and Dancers (Devin, Evan Danielle and Jackie) LOVE LOVE LOVE.. THIS IS A KILLER COMBO and they could do NO wrong. I highly recommend this amazing combination of talent. They focused on the kids and that kept them dancing too! Sam – was the glue and remembered everything we spoke to him about and then some. Where else would an owner be waiting outside the bathroom with a drink for the client??? NOWHERE else.

If I forgot anyone.. Thank you!!! We are so happy and grateful for such a successful, happy, perfect celebration!!

With love and gratitude,

Lori, Jeff, Jordana and Elliana Ruderman XOXO
Montville, NJ
Event Date: 2/25/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jordana’s Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa

Everything was Great for Danny's Bar Mitzvah! Double D (Darrell) and the dancers were fantastic! All the staff were so helpful and friendly. The food was fantastic so many of the guests were raving about the food and loved the party! And yes Danny Loved his party and had the best day! We enjoyed every minute

Thanks again
Elisa Grossbard
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 2/11/17
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Danny’s Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa

We really had a great time. The room looked fabulous and everyone commented on how they loved the food and the service was top new notch. Most importantly Sam had a great time and will never forget his Bar Mitzvah.

Thank you again for all of your help!!!

Laura Smith
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 1/14/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sam’s Bar Mitzvah


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team at PHS and Vegas NJ. The party was amazing. It was everything that my daughter had asked for and the night was so much fun. I was able to be at the party and I did not have to worry about anything. It was all taken care of for us. Sam was running about throughout the evening making sure everything was getting done before the next part happened. Darrell, Jackie and Megan were so great and kept the party full of energy for 4 hours. Ember was so helpful to me and made sure we were taken care of. The wait stuff, coat check attendants, photo booth attendant, bartenders, etc, the list goes on - they were all great. Everyone loved the food and said it was delicious. This is not always the case at catered events for a large group of people!! The room looked like a winter wonderland and we loved the decor.

Thank you for all your help, guidance and expertise every step of the way. You have been invaluable. This was my first Bat Mitzvah so it was especially helpful to have someone who knew what we needed to do. So many of my friends said how great the space and place was. You all truly know how to create a wonderful party.

We have another daughter who will become a Bat Mitzvah in September of 2019. I need a little breather but I am sure we will be in touch. I know not to wait too long!!

Thanks again,
Jen Hoffman
Summit, NJ
Event Date: 12/17/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph NJ
Gabby’s Bat Mitzvah


The party was great! Can’t thank you enough. Everything was amazing. Sam, Devin, Megan, Ryan, & Sabrina (and rest of staff) were all terrific. Please thank them again. I only wish I had my daughters date now so I can book it (she’s told me several times already that she’s having her’s at Vegas!). So you will definitely be hearing from me again. Thankfully I will be back next weekend for the Hoffman’s party so I can enjoy some of the food everyone was raving about!


Lauren Stadtmauer
Summit, NJ
Event Date: 12/3/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah


I just wanted to tell you again how amazing Michele's Bat Mitzvah was! I cannot even begin to tell you all of the compliments we received. From the minute we arrived everything went exactly as planned, and you know how neurotic I am about perfection....well it was perfect! The staff was incredible...especially Tania who took such great care of me and Michele from the minute we got there. The food was overflowing, the tables were gorgeous and I am so happy the that I did those beautiful center pieces. Thanks for helping me decide to do that! Let's talk about the DJ, Darrell and those fabulous dancers..they were amazing! Made the whole party! I don't think anybody sat the whole night.

But most of all I want to thank you for everything. You are such a pleasure to work with and made the planning fun and easy. You helped to make Michele's night the "Best Night" of her life....

Thanks again..

Jill Cohen
Waldwick, NJ
Event Date: 11/19/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Michele’s Bat Mitzvah

Hi all,

Party was incredible and everyone was raving about Vegas, especially the food! Sam, Centerpieces and decor were amazing. Unbelievable. I wish I had sat down and eaten more, but I spent most of the night on the dance floor and in the photo booth 😂


Kate Goldberg
Summit, NJ
Event Date: 10/29/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Brandon’s Bar Mitzavh

Dear Lisa & Melanie,

Wanted to let you know how happy we were with our event. Sam, Jude, the DJ, Jackie the dance motivator, and the whole staff did a great job for us. The food was all delicious, the personnel were professional and friendly, and all of our guests, from our two-month-old cousin to Rhonda's ninety-year-old dad, seemed to have a great time. Thanks again to everyone for helping to make our party such a success. We have another one of these coming up for daughter in a few years, so don't be surprised if you see us again.

Thanks again so much.


Ken Feinleib & Rhonda Panken
South Orange, NJ
Event Date: 10/1/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ray’s Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa and Sam,

We just wanted to thank you both for the amazing party on Saturday. We loved it!! Sam- you were so easy to work with and made me feel calm. Thanks!

We got so many comments from people about how well run it was, how nice and efficient the staff was and how delicious the food was (I didn't eat ANYTHING so I'll have to take their word for it!). Many people told us that...not just one or two. Many of our guests had never been there before and they all loved it.

And Smitty was awesome! We loved him and so did the kids (and the adult guests as well).

So all of the months and months of planning was all worth it!!

Thank you again. Son #2 is in 2 years. As of now he's not sure what he wants to do regarding a party. But I'll check anyway...November XX, 2018. Let me know if you have the date available!

Thank you!

Robin and Kenneth Abrams
Westfield, NJ
Event Date: 9/24/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,

The party was amazing!!!! Really fabulous, and couldn't have been easier. Everyone that worked there was great, and although I didn't get to eat much, what I had was delish and the feedback from all our guests was excellent. People were dancing right up until the end, and both kids and adults were so entertained. Really couldn't be happier and Jessica had the time of her life. Thank you and Sam!!! Just wish I had another mitzvah to plan!!!

All our best,

Kelly & Howie Reizun
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 9/10/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team for making my daughter's sweet 16 a memorable one for us in Vegas NJ. No doubt my family and my guests had a great time. From start to end everything was perfectly organized. Food, decoration by Laura, DJ, MC by Evan, service, and the hard work of Sam everything was amazing and every detail is visible through the event.

You guys put your heart in to every detail of the party and we felt it and we were happily received that. Every penny what we spent here is worth it for us. It's really a pleasure to work with you all. Two thumbs up for your lovely service.

Warm Regards,

Jyothi Alla
Parsippany, NJ
Event Date: 6/5/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sivani's Sweet 16

Hi Lisa,

Wow! Ethan's Bar Mitzvah was beyond spectacular. Even before the event, the staff at Vegas was always helpful. They seemed just as excited to see our vision for the party through.

The party was beyond what we could have imagined. The food, the entertainment, Darrell the Emcee were all amazing. Darell got over 45 boys to dance the night away instead of play on their cell phones! Each and every kid had a great time. More than one guest told me if they had to plan a similar event they would copy everything we did at Vegas. The venue was beautiful! It looked like a hockey rink and our son was beaming when we walked in and saw how it was transformed. Thank you for making the Bar Mitzvah a night to remember. We hope to be back to celebrate our Daughter's Bat Mitzvah in 2019.

With all our gratitude,

Shani and Craig Lipset
Basking Ridge, NJ
Event Date: 5/14/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah


Your staff ... They are a well oiled machine!
With great care while they work!

Thank you for making my client so so happy.
When on site I feel like we are a virtual team with one mission…

I love teaming up with you all.

Communication during planning and execution on site is completely stellar!!!

Loved seeing Darrell….
Even while I am running around getting things done he makes me smile! AND his care for the family is clear when we talk through the details for the night.. With all the added bells and whistles we added in... He was on it!

Here's to so much more work together.

Please send my regards to Sam... Was great to see his team in action and I appreciate him letting me just come in and do what I do.

Xoxox Deb

Deborah Naude
Just the help you need…
Party Planner for Ethan Lipset’s Bar Mitzvah
Event Date: 5/14/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph

Sam, Melanie & Lisa,
I just wanted to thank you and let you know how truly appreciative my family is for the continued relationship we have had during this Bar/Bat Mitzvah process. You guys are true professionals and I can’t begin to tell you how many compliments we received from almost every facet of the party. The room, the staff, the dj and the food were all truly incredible and you guys go above and beyond to make a special day, even more special. Darrell, Jackie, Sabrina and Devin got the kids dancing and actually I think they have more fun than the kids. I could go on forever, but just wanted you to know that you put out a first class product and I will continue to be extremely vocal and outspoken about leading people to you because you guys are the best and do things the right way!!! Let me know if I can ever help you in any way. It would be my pleasure.

Thanks again and I am sure our paths will cross again.


Jeff Axelrad
Boonton, NJ
Event Date: 5/8/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Justin's Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa
I just wanted to tell you how amazing the party was Saturday. Everything was perfect. The food was amazing. All of our guests commented that it was plentiful and delicious. Darrell was great also.


Erica Grossberg
Warren, NJ
Event Date: 4/16/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah

I just wanted to thank you and your team for an amazing party! Everything was fantastic!

The music, the food, the staff, the dancers, exceptional!

Allen Weil
Morristown, NJ
Event Date: 4/2/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ava & Cameron’s B’nai Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,
Just want to thank you and the team at Vegas for a wonderful party. Everything went smoothly and Jordan's friends keep telling him this was their favorite bar mitzvah! The black jack table was a huge hit too! So glad we added it.

Thanks again for all your help!

Allison Model
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 3/5/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to reach out to you today and let you know what I fabulous party we had on Saturday night. Thank you for all your help with the planning process, everything ran incredibly smoothly and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. A very special thanks to Sam and Jude who were on top of everything. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on the food, many people telling me it’s the best that they’ve ever had at a bat mitzvah. Also many people commented on what a great staff you have, that everyone was super friendly and helpful with every request.

PS, When I meet with Sam, he wants to bring some of those cookies with him, I won’t say no. My neighbor and my husband are completely in love with them and must have devoured the dozen or so we brought home that night!

Thanks again!
Best Regards,

Caryn Emmons
Maplewood, NJ
Event Date: 2/6/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Clair’s Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa!
Just wanted to touch base to let you know that we had a WONDERFUL time last night for Ally & Julia's Sweet 16! The food was delicious, the staff was wonderful, the event was incredible, we'll run, and our girls could not have been happier! Thank you!

Thanks again!

Cathy McGrath & Sue Chase
Mendham & Chester, NJ
Event Date: 1/9/16
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ally & Julia’s Sweet 16

Hi Lisa,
I just want to thank you again for helping me through the planning of my daughter, Alexi DeLara's Sweet sixteen party. I was really nervous and had a billion questions and requests for you. You answered them patiently and reassured me that it would be great and it was. The kids and the adults had an amazing party and all had only great things to say about the venue, the music, the food and the service. Sam was also so helpful also in planning the last stages of the party. His snow movie and the snowman really made the scene even more wonderful for a Winter Wonderland Party! Powerhouse is very lucky to have such dedicated team of workers to make every party special. Your suggestion of doing the personal Gobo and having the photobooth was spot on. They really added a special touch to the party. Thanks so much again!


Angela Delara
Mountain Lakes, NJ
Event Date: 12/4/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Alexi’s Sweet 16

Hi Lisa and Sam,
I'd like to thank you for the extraordinary job you and your staff did on my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Your staff was helpful, courteous and professional during the entire process! We met about 3-4 weeks prior to the big day to discuss the smaller details that would make it a great event. Your staff not only listened, but carried out everything that was discussed and promised without any reminders. Vegas really made an extra effort to ensure we were happy and that it was a stress free experience. And VEGAS ABSOLUTELY DELIVERED! Thank you again and i will be seeing you in a few years when my son has his Bar Mitzvah!

Staci Smith
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 11/27/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,
Good morning! I hope you are well! I want to take some time to let you know that we had a fantastic celebration at Gabe and Olivia’s B’nai mitzvah party!

Here are just a handful of the many things that come to mind - -
The space - and all the bling and excitement and decor it offered - was perfect for us!
The DJ, Evan, Devin, Steve and the ladies in the “dream team” were SO welcoming, fun and “game on”
The food was beyond plentiful and yummy!
The bartenders and bars were terrific!
The staff was so accommodating and pleasant to work/be with!
We are still riding high from saturdays festivities!

Please share this with Sam, the dream team, and staff, and any/all those who helped make this such a fabulous, memorable and happy occasion. We are thrilled we chose vegas NJ, and loved celebrating with and at Vegas NJ!

Best regards,
Donna Restaino Levey
Event Date: 10/24/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Gabe & Olivia’s B’nai Mitzvah

Hi Lisa.
Last night was perfect. Everyone at Vegas was so nice. >From the wait staff, to the person at the photo booth and casino tables, security, dancers, and Darrell were all amazing.

Thanks for making the process easy.
Sloane Skolnik
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 9/18/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Matthew & Aaron's B'nai Mitzvah

Hi Melanie and Sam
I wanted to tell you what a fabulous job everybody did on Saturday and made Jordana's bat mitzvah a remarkable experience!!!

Thanks so much
Shari Grey
North Caldwell, NJ
Event Date: 9/12/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jordana's Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,
Sruthi's party was a huge hit - thanks to you guys. Everyone had a great time and everything was planned perfectly.

Indira Vinjamuri
Montville, NJ
Event Date: 9/6/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph, NJ
Sruthi's Sweet 16

Hi Lisa,
On behalf of my family, I can't begin to thank you for such an amazing night for my Daughter. Sam and the entire staff went above and beyond for each one of us and I just want to thank you and every employee there for such an amazing night!

With gratitude,

Lisa Scalera
Denville, NJ
Event Date: 8/28/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Alexa's Sweet 16

Hi Melanie,
Everything was perfect and we had an amazing party yesterday. I would not have wanted anything different. The sign in board is SICK!!! I couldn't have had it done anywhere else and liked it better. The music was awesome. Everyone was up and dancing. The food was delicious. I cannot tell you how many people complimented the food. I pulled Sam over because I wanted him to hear some of the other comments from the yentas!!! Everything ran so seamlessly and it went by so quickly. Thanks so much for everything. You guys are great at what you do.

Many thanks,
Amy Baskin
Warren, NJ
Event Date: 6/20/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Honey's Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,
I wanted to send you an email to say how unbelievable Jared's Bar Mitzvah was at Vegas! It truly was one of the best parties I've ever attended; not to mention thrown! Every child had an amazing time and was occupied either by the great DJ & MC or the game tables. Additionally, every adult was either dancing or enjoying he absolutely amazing food.

From beginning to end Vegas far surpassed our expectations; from the planning through to the clean up. I was overwhelmed by the attentive staff during the party who made sure I was well fed while entertaining the guests. Today my phone and Facebook has been exploding with people telling us what an amazing time they had.

It was a pleasure planning this event with you and I would do it again in a second! Thank you so much for making Jared's Bar Mitzvah everything I could have wished for! Your facility and staff are top notch.

All my best,
Nicole Zornitzer
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 6/6/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Jared's Bar Mitzvah

Just wanted to send you guys a big warm thank you for a fabulous party. It was an incredible night for all of us. Everything was PERFECT. I couldn't have possibly asked for a better affair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sam, Smitty, Devin and Sabrina were fantastic. They were so in tuned with all the details to make it a flawless night. Everyone is raving about your place.

You guys are awesome.

Event Date: 5/16/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Paul's Bar Mitzvah

I would like to thank the staff of VEGAS for putting together an amazing party for me! Everything looked incredible and I cannot thank all of you enough for your hard work to put it together! You are all amazing, thank you for making my night so special!!

Valerie Arico
Cedar Grove, NJ
Event Date: 5/15/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Valerie's Sweet 16

Hi Lisa,
Danielle's party last night at Vegas was amazing!!! We are so happy that we chose to plan her party with you guys!! The entire staff, and I mean the entire staff, were accommodating, flexible, friendly and I could go on and's easy to see why you are so successful., we will always give an excellent endorsement!

Thanks again for a lifetime memorable night!!!

Tracy Lee
Parsippany, NJ
Event Date 5/8/15
Danielle's Sweet 16
Vegas NJ - Randolph

I want to thank you and the team again. Working with you all was a pleasure. From beginning to end it was flawless. You put my nerves at ease and the party was a 10. Thank you for making my daughters special day everything she hoped for.

Shelly Tepper Grossman
West Orange, NJ
Event Date: 5/2/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ariel's Bat Mitzvah

Lisa, Sam & Melanie
Thank you all for everything you did to make Ava's day so special. Everything was amazing...the food, Smitty, the dancers, and all the staff. We were thrilled with the way everything turned out.

A special thank you to Lisa. Lisa, we truly appreciate how hard you worked at making sure that all the fine details were in place. You always had a great positive attitude and always directed me to making the right decisions regarding all the "extras". You never said that anything was helped make everything happen as planned. I loved working with you and I will be sure to refer you to anyone I know looking for a party venue,

Amy Kotel
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 4/19/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Ava's Bat Mitzvah

Lisa and Melanie:
I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Saturday night. The party was beyond fabulous! The staff was out of this world. Everything looked amazing, was cared for amazingly, prepared well, cleaned up well, etc! Emcee Evan, Dancers Sabrina and the other beautiful woman (forget her name) were amazing! Steve the DJ was fab!!! Music was great! Anything we needed that night last minute from seating issue and caring for my son’s camp friends things and having them ready for them at the end of the night was perfect! The food was delicious, the lighting great, etc! Roger the photographer and the 2 videographers were terrific!

Thank you again!!

Abby Goodman
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 4/18/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sam's Bar Mitzvah

OMG!! the best party ever. We had such an amazing time. The room looked beautiful, the food was amazing and the dancers were incredible!!!! It was the most perfect party. We are so happy and can't wait for Danny's in 2 years!!!!! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to out party. I will send pics soon.

Thanks again!!!

Michele Jacobsen
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 3/21/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sydney's Bat Mitzvah

I simply must thank you for the superior service our guest received at Vegas NJ last night.

Your staff went above and beyond to make sure our experience was the best it could be. The food was DELICIOUS, appetizers OMG and that BEAUTIFUL display of the dessert bar was so much more..

In addition to your beautiful chic venue I had the BEST TIME EVER!!!! Who new turning 60 would be so FABULOUS...I will always recommend your location..

Thank you, once again

Julio & Connie Aracena
Parsippany, NJ
Event Date: 3/21/15
Vegas NJ - Ranolph
Connie's 60th Birthday

Hi Lisa,
Thank you is not a strong enough word for the gratitude I have toward all you did for me for Sam’s Bar Mitzvah. As stressed I was, your positive attitude always calmed my nerves. You were always a phone call a way and always so accommodating and thorough with my questions and requests. You made my first time Bar Mitzvah experience so pleasant and I can’t thank you enough.


Stacy Eisner
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 3/14/15
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sam's Bar Mitzvah

Hello Lisa,
Just wanted to let you know how lovely everything turned out at the girls Sweet Sixteen party. The balloons looked great and so did everything else. Ember did a great job setting everything up. The service was wonderful! The waiters were all so pleasant and so was the bartender. The DJ was amazing and did a great job. He had the kids on the dance floor all evening. I have not seen kids dance this much at any party. The food was also excellent. Everything was delicious. The photographer was easy and fun to work with. The party turned out much better than I could have ever imagined. Everyone was raving about it at the end of the evening. We all had a fantastic time. The girls will have a fantastic memory that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for everything. Regards,

Lourdes Montesino
Long Valley, NJ
Event Date: 3/13/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Gabriella's Sweet 16

Vegas was the most perfect venue for our New Year’s Eve wedding! It is definitely unique and unforgettable! My guests were wowed as soon as they walked in and they could not stop talking about the food and the music! Everyone was great the day of and made sure my husband and I were well taken care of. Everything we wanted was there, and they were able to pull off the night exactly as I envisioned it! One of the best things about Vegas was that the DJ came with our package and he did not disappoint. We had a mix of people at our wedding, and he had everyone on the dance floor! I could not have been happier with our choice in venue and recommend this to anyone looking for a unique, fun venue that has great food!

Vanessa Millara-Alzate
North Brunswick, NJ
Event Date: 12/31/14
Vegas NJ
Wedding Reception

Lisa and Sam,
I wanted to personally thank you both for making Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah so amazing. I felt like a guest at my own party.

Lisa – working with you in planning for this event was a pleasure. You were so easy to work with and I appreciated all of your guidance regarding every detail from dancers and the emcee to bartenders and cubbies. I loved having one central contact who was able to accommodate everything we needed.

Sam – Saturday night was amazing. I loved the room, the service and the whole vibe. It is really a fun venue and you truly run a very smooth and easy event – as you know, we are already booked for our next daughter (Dara) for 2016. Hannah is so excited!! It is exactly what she wanted with not a single detail missed.

I know we had some hiccups with switching the kosher caterer a few weeks ago – but you were both right. Howie really came through. The food really wonderful and everyone is still talking about it.

Thank you again!!!
Warm regards,

Adina Brownstein
South Orange, NJ
Event Date: 11/29/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Hannah's Bat Mitzvah

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help along the way. The party was amazing--Sasha loved every minute of it!

Also, everyone who worked at Vegas that night--starting with Sam (of course), Smitty, DJ, dancers, staff, and anyone else I missed--everyone was friendly, happy, pleasant, and easy to work with. This party took lots of work, but it was worth every second of it :)

Thank you so much for helping to organize such a special evening. Please pass this along to Sam and all the others. We really appreciate all the work you did before and during the event to make the evening special. Not that you need one, but if you ever need a reference if someone asks for one, I am happy to be that person......

And fyi, Sasha's friends keep telling her "This was the best party yet!!!"

Michelle Berniker
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 12/6/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Sasha's Bat Mitzvah

Good morning Melanie and Sam,
We wanted you to know how much we appreciate your teams hard work to make Lances bar mitzvah party this past Saturday a "tremendous" success. We had an absolutely wonderful time and everybody who attended has made a point of letting us know how great it was. From the food to the venue to Anthony the photographer to the entertainers, everything went off without a hitch which created an absolutely spectacular time. Thanks again for putting it all together.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.
Best regards,

Aaron and Julie Perlow
Randolph, NJ
Event date: 11/22/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Lance's Bar Mitzvah

Thank you Melanie, Sam, Lisa and Laurie for making our daughter's Bat Mitzvah party so wonderful.

We had the best night as did all the kids. The sushi, decor, MC Darell, dancers, staff etc. made the night first rate and extraordinary. We will definitely be telling our friends what a special place Vegas was! Thanks again for all you did to make for such a successful night!

Sherri Goldman
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 11/15/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Kyra's Bat Mitzvah

Sam and Melanie
I cannot thank you guys enough for truly an amazing party!!!! I could not have asked for it to be more perfect!! You guys did an unbelievable job with everything!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! My daughter could not have had a better time at Vegas NJ!!

I will be booking my next daughter's party there..but at least I have almost 2 years until that sweet 16 lol.... Thank you again and I look forward to working with you guys again on my next party!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

Daniella Riverso
East Hanover, NJ
Event Date: 11/1/14
Nicole's Sweet 16
Vegas NJ - Randolph NJ

Hi Lisa and Sam
Thank you for such an amazing experience and fabulous time. You both are beyond professional and really know how to throw up a party! It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Thank you for making Samantha's night so special.

Julie and Mitch Frank
Springfield, NJ
Event Date: 10/25/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph NJ
Samantha's Bat Mitzvah

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to thank you all (and Sam) for the wonderful party you helped me throw for Sydney. As far as I could tell, everything was perfect. I did not eat much, but the overall feedback was that the food was excellent, especially the sushi. It was very thoughtful of you all to have someone (I forgot her name, but very nice lady) put a plate of food together for me, unfortunately a bunch of scavengers ate it, not me, but still, super nice. DJ's, Emcee, and dancers were fantastic, the kids were out there dancing their hearts out.

All the Best,

Amy Gotsch
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 10/18/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph, NJ
Sydney's Bat Mitzvah

I just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous time on Saturday. Everybody had such a great time and the food was delicious, especially the mac and cheese balls. Thank you also for always taking my phone calls and being patient with me.

Thanks again

Hillary Levine
Randolph, NJ
Event Date: 9/20/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Emily's Bat Mitzvah

Hi Melanie/Sam
Thank tou so much for an unbelievable party people were raving about the food and how amazing the staff was we truly enjoyed every minute!!!

Thanks again

Randi and Mike Schoenhaus-McDonnell
Manalapan, NJ
Event Date: 9/13/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Josh's Bar Mitzvah

Hi, Lisa—
Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping organize such a wonderful event. Everything was perfect…the atmosphere, the food and drinks…the DJ…and especially the staff. Everyone was so attentive…my daughter had a magical night! And thank Sam for me, too…he was terrific and so helpful!

Thanks again…we all had a terrific time!

Tracey Ulrich-Matalon
Morris Township, NJ
Event Date: 9/12/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph
Marina's Sweet 16

Hi Lisa
Thank you for making sure that everything was set up properly for my parents special day... We ALL had a great time.. Everything was perfect like we expected :-)

Again thank you for everything....

Damaris Valentin
40th Anniversary Party
Event Date: 8/16/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph, NJ

What an unbelievable night. Please tell Sam that he and his staff did an amazing job. Everyone was nice, helpful and truly a pleasure to work with. The event was seamless and I believe truly a huge success. The kids had a blast and I’m sure so many will want to have their party there now!

I would recommend Vegas over and over!
Thank you so much for the memories!

Mindy Freelund
Millburn, NJ
Jake's Bar Mitzvah
Event Date: 6/14/14
Location: Vegas, NJ - Randolph

You guys are rock stars.
The party was perfect!!!!!
We had the best time and everything was perfect!!!
Everyone raved about the food, the music, the decor, and the staff.

Thank you again for a truly perfect party!!

Sheryl, Zevan, Sophie and Asher Cohen
Millburn, NJ
Event Date: 6/7/14
Vegas NJ

Dear Sam, Melanie, and the entire Vegas family:
I cannot begin to thank you for the amazing party on Saturday night. People have been calling me since then to tell me it was the best party they have ever been to.

Smitty outdid himself! He managed to keep everyone engaged and having fun the entire night. The DJ played just the right music, the staff was welcoming and accommodating the entire evening, the bartenders were great, and Sam, you managed to make it all happen without breaking a sweat.

My husband has been in the catering/hospitality field for over 20 years and he said he would not have changed a thing! The food was amazing and served with finesse. The cocktail hour food was presented beautifully as was dessert! We loved everything from start to finish!

Jake said it was the best night of his life- mission accomplished! Looking forward to out next event there! Thank you a million times over!

The Leddy Family
Hackettstown, NJ
Event Date: 5/17/14
Vegas NJ - Randolph

The worst thing that happened to Lisa was that I booked Tyler's Bar Mitzvah a year and half in advance! ... The best thing that happened to me was that I met Lisa at the open house 2 Junes ago! ... I liked her, trusted her and liked what she had to say. She was professional yet friendly and relatable. So much so that I was the first person to book a party at Vegas without knowing where it was or what it looked like. I remember saying to myself, "this is perfect...what else could I possibly be looking for....done!"

Now, Lisa will have a lot of time on her hands because since that day in June I called her regularly stressed about how to plan the big day. She always steered me right. She said keep the day is dark in there and no one will know the difference. I already had one friend call up saying that it was brilliant to do the day in a dark place! She assured me the food would be ok and it was exceptional. She steered me right how to spend on add ons....she said get the magician even though he is expensive and told me how many dancers to cap it at. She said the kids would go nuts for the gum ball machine and they did. She said DO NOT get valet right and I can not count how many times Lisa said not to worry!

Most importantly, Tyler had a great time and was beaming when he went to bed that night. 2nd most important the kids were engaged and not on their phones sitting the whole time. I can't thank Lisa and the Vegas staff enough for that. You can not put a price on that! I am happy to be a reference for any family considering Vegas as a party venue.

Thanks again,
Karen Bisk
Livingston, NJ
Event Date: 11/30/13
Tyler's Bar Mitzvah
Vegas NJ

Everything was AMAZING. Doug and I have been getting calls about the party all morning. From start to finish everything was wonderful - food, entertainment, staff, etc. We couldn't have been more pleased. The girls had a blast and their friends came away saying it was a great party.

Thank you all so very much for a memorable evening.

Stacey B. Freeman
Short Hills, NJ
Event Date: 11/27/13
Maddie & Lizzy's B'not Mitzvah

Hi Melanie,
Thank you again for such a fabulous party! Samantha had a great time; she felt so special and loved.

Your husband Sam is truly the host with the most! The staff was wonderful, Darrell -- fabulous; glad we added dancers… and I love foosball! And the food was soooo delicious.

Thanks again.
Andrea Cohen
South Orange, NJ
Event Date: 10/19/13
Samantha's Bat Mitzvah

I just wanted to thank you for everything that the staff did on Saturday nights event. The fundraiser was a success, the guests had a fabulous time and had all nice things to say about Vegas NJ and the staff. We appreciate their contribution to making the night a success!

Dawn Nutt
Chester, NJ
Event Date: 10/5/13
Twin Boro Bears Fundraiser

Hi Lisa
It was great!! Sam and the team did an amazing job!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Mary Albanese
Randolph, NJ
Event Date: 8/3/13
Event Location: Vegas NJ

Hi Sam & Melanie.
We wanted to tell you that Vegas NJ is super fabulous! We all had a wonderful time and have heard nothing but glowing reviews from our guests. Thank you so much for making Stacy's party SO MUCH FUN!

Lainie & George Fiszer
Event Date: 5/4/13
Stacy's Bat Mitzvah

Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to let you know that the party was amazing. The entire staff was terrific, everyone! They were fun, professional, helpful and most importantly, great with the kids. The kids had the best time and 4 hours flew by. I only wish I had another party to throw. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks again for everything!

Stacy Harrison
Warren, NJ
Event Date: 4/27/13
Kyle & Allison's B'nai Mitzvah

Hi Sam,
We just wanted to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to you and your staff. Hayley's Bat Mitzvah celebration was wonderful, the place looked gorgeous, the food is receiving more than high praises and the entertainment was exceptional. Our 2nd Powerhouse experience was even better than our first, 2-1/2 years ago! It's sad to say, but for now our BIG family celebrations are over, if we ever are in need of something or if anyone asks for recommendations we will certainly think of you first. Thank you for the WINDOW TINT too! I know you were planning on doing that at some point, so thanks for making that happen for us : ) Good luck with Vegas, we have no doubt that you will have many successful years there!

Again, thank you to you and your staff for such a wonderful experience!

Meryl & Michael Budnick
Wayne, NJ
Event Date: 3/2/13
Hayley's Bat Mtizvah

Another rave review from one of the guests at the Budnick event on 3/2/13:

Looking at all the pictures from my nieces Bas Mitzvah. Had a blast at Vegas in Randolph. The room and in-house catering was awesome, sting ray tank, DJ, etc... We loved the french fries in the shot glass with the ketchup on the bottom! Check it out. Was happy to be a guest at this shindig. Good luck to this new venture of Powerhouse.

See you soon.

Elyse Budnick
Event Date: 3/2/13
Hayley's Bat Mtizvah

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